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The rates, terms and conditions of the General Service Agreement and of all plans and services on this website apply to interstate and international services provided by the following entities: MCI Communications Services LLC, MCImetro Access Transmissions Services of Virginia, Inc.

Due to a change in federal law that affected all long distance companies, on August 1, 2001 MCI's service agreement with our customers changed to an individual contract relationship for state-to-state long distance calls - very similar to your relationship with a credit card or cellular company.

Beginning January 27, 2002, international services will also be covered by MCI's General Service Agreement. International rates and charges will be made available on this site after January 2, 2002.

This change is required by law, and is consistent with MCI's commitment to giving all customers complete and accurate information about all their services.

Your MCI services are not affected by this change.

To view some of the documents on this site, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free. (Clicking on this link will open up a separate browser window. After your download is complete, please close the browser window to return to MCI's website.)

Service Agreement Resources

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