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The Neighborhood Calling Packages
Features & Benefits
Enjoy the freedom of unlimited calling! Neighborhood Unlimited will suit you perfectly.

Sign up for Neighborhood Unlimited today and get $12.00 off each invoice for one year!

Neighborhood Unlimited - Unlimited local & long distance
Unlimited Long Distance Calls
Call anyone, anywhere in the U.S. — includes all state-to-state and in-state long distance calls — any time, any day of the week
Unlimited Local Toll Calls
Make as many regional /local toll calls to nearby towns or counties as you want
Unlimited Local Calls
Make as many calls as you want, and talk for as long as you wish, inside your local calling area
Call Waiting and Caller ID
Never miss an important call with Call Waiting
Find out who's calling before you answer with Caller ID
No extra charge for these features
Voicemail & Online Message Center at no extra charge
Check your voicemail messages by phone or on the web through the Message Center
"Notify Me" feature alerts you to new messages via text pager or e-mail
Add up to 8 sub-mailboxes to your Voicemail
3 free Directory Assistance calls
Makes the convenience of Directory Assistance more affordable
One Company, One Bill
Get your local and long distance service and calling features through The Neighborhood with one easy-to-read bill

Unlimited calling is for residential voice service only. Click here for details.

Additional taxes and surcharges apply. Click here for details.

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