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International Plans

Click on the first letter of the country that you will be calling from:

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A  Footnotes  
American Samoa   633-2MCI (CC)  
Anguilla   1-800-888-8000  
Antigua   1-800-888-8000  
   (From public cards phones only)   #2    
Argentina   (CC)  
   Call using Telefonica   0800-222-6249    
   Call using Telecom   0800-555-1002    
Aruba   800-888-8  
Australia   (CC)  
   Call using AAPT   1-800-730-014    
   Call using OPTUS   1-800-551-111    
   Call using TELSTRA   1-800-881-100    
Austria   0-800-999-762 (CC)  
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B  Footnotes  
Bahamas   1-800-888-8000  
Bahrain   800-00-002  
   No longer supported      
Barbados   1-800-888-8000  
Belarus   (CC)  
    From localities of Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno and Minsk regions   8-800-103    
   From localities of Gomel and Mogilev regions   8-10-800-103    
Belgium   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   0800-10012    
   From Hotels   557    
   From Payphones   815    
Bermuda   (CC)  
   Call using Telebermuda   1-800-888-8888    
Bolivia   800-10-2222 (CC)  
Brazil   0-800-890-0012 (CC)  
   Service not accessible via mobile phones      
British Virgin Islands   1-800-888-8000  
Brunei   (CC)  
    No resale or mobile access calling allowed   800-011    
Bulgaria   (CC)  
    Access not permitted from payphones or mobile phones   00800-0001    
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C  Footnotes  
Canada   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
Cape Verde   0-800-2624 (CC)  
Cayman Islands   1-800-888-8000  
Chile   (CC)  
   Call using Telfonica Mundo   800-207-300    
   Call using ENTEL   800-360-180    
China   (CC)  
   China Telecom (CT)   108-12    
   China Network Group (CNG)   108712    
Colombia   01-8009-160-001 (CC)  
   ORBITEL COLOMBIA   01-800-5-160-001    
   Collect Access in Spanish   01-8009-161-111    
   Service is available via Payphones; however, payphone owners may assess an additional per minute charge      
Cook Islands   09121  
Costa Rica   0800-012-2222  
   {Prepaid cards not allowed}   0800-22-0112   (CC)  
Cyprus   800-90000 (CC)  
Czech Republic   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   800-001-112    
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D  Footnotes  
Denmark   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   8001-0022    
Dominica   1-800-888-8000  
Dominican Republic   (CC)  
   CODETEL and TRICOM   1-800-888-8000    
   For collect access in Spanish   1121    
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E  Footnotes  
Ecuador   (CC)  
   Call using Andinatel   1-999-170    
   Collect Access in Spanish   1-999-172    
   Call using Pacifictel   1-800-999-170    
   Collect Access in Spanish   1-800-999-172    
Egypt   (CC)  
   (Outside of Cairo dial 02 first)   27955770    
    Public payphones require the use of a coin deposit or local phone card for toll free Access      
El Salvador   (CC)  
   Call using CTE Telecom Collect access in Spanish   800-1767    
   Call using Telefonica de El Salvador Automated worldwide access   800-1567    
Estonia   800-12-122 (CC)  
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F  Footnotes  
Fiji   004-890-1002 (CC)  
Finland   08001-102-80 (CC)  
France   0-800-99-0019 (CC)  
French Antilles   0-800-99-0019 (CC)  
French Guiana   0-800-99-0019 (CC)  
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G  Footnotes  
Georgia   8-024995 (CC)  
    Payphone service may be restricted by a few privately owned companies in central Frankfurt airports (Tele2)   0800-888-8000   (CC)  
   {Not accessible from mobile phones}   019019   (CC)  
Greece   00-800-1211 (CC)  
Grenada   1-800-888-8000  
Guam   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
   service only available via Telgua's network   99-99-189   (CC)  
Guyana   177  
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H  Footnotes  
Haiti   (CC)  
   Call using Haitel   193    
   Call using Hintelnet   193    
   Collect Access in Creole   190    
Honduras   8000-122  
Hong Kong   800-96-1121 (CC)  
Hungary   06♠800-01411 (CC)  
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I  Footnotes  
Iceland   800-9002 (CC)  
India   000-127 (CC)  
   Collect Access   000-126    
   Service is available from all cities and is provided by VSNL, Bharti Telesonic Ltd. and Reliance Infocom      
Indonesia   (CC)  
   Call using Indosat   001-801-11    
   Call unsing PT Telkom   007-801-11    
   No longer supported      
Iraq   165 (CC)  
Ireland   1-800-55-1001 (CC)  
Israel   (CC)  
   Call using GOLDEN LINES   180-920-2727    
   Call using BARAK   180-930-2727    
   Call using BEZEQ International   180-940-2727    
Italy   800-90-5825 (CC)  
Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)   00-1001 (CC)  
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J  Footnotes  
Jamaica   1-800-888-8000  
   From hotels only   873    
   From Payphones   #2    
Japan   (CC)  
   Call using KDDI   00539-121    
   Call using NTT   0034-811-811    
   Call using SOFTBANK   0066-35-121    
Jordan   18-800-001  
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K  Footnotes  
Kazakhstan   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   8-800-131-4321    
Kenya   0800-220-111 (CC)  
Korea   (CC)  
   Call using KT   00729-14    
   Call using DACOM   00309-12    
   DACOM for Mobile Phone service   00309-099    
   Call using ONSE   00369-14    
   Phone Booths   Press red button, 03, then *    
   Military Bases   Worldwide access is temporarily not available    
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L  Footnotes  
Latvia   800-8888 (CC)  
Lebanon   01-427-627 (CC)  
Liechtenstein   809-8000 (CC)  
Lithuania   8800-900-26 (CC)  
Luxembourg   8002-0112 (CC)  
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M  Footnotes  
Macau   0800-131 (CC)  
Macedonia   8000-4266 (CC)  
Malaysia   1-800-80-0012 (CC)  
   Call using Time Telekom   1-800-18-0012    
   Call using Celcom   1-800-11-0012    
   Call using DiGi   1-800-28-0012    
Malta   800-90120  
Marshall Islands   1-800-888-8000  
Mexico   (CC)  
   Telmex   001-800-674-7000    
Micronesia   624  
Monaco   800-90-019 (CC)  
Montserrat   1-800-888-8000  
   Mobile access only available using MorocTelecom mobile phones   00-211-0012    
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N  Footnotes  
Netherlands   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   0800-023-5103    
Netherlands Antilles   001-800-888-8000 (CC)  
   Service available from hotels and ports of entry      
New Zealand   (CC)  
   Call using Clear Communications   0800-99-77-44    
   Call using Telecom NZ   000-912    
   Access not permitted from payphones or mobile phones      
Nicaragua   (CC)  
   Spanish   1-800-0166    
   English   1-800-0167    
Norway   800-19912 (CC)  
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P  Footnotes  
Pakistan   00-800-12-001 (CC)  
   Call Using Cable & Wireless   800-0108    
   Call using Telecarrier   800-3456   (CC)  
Paraguay   00-812-800  
Peru   0-800-50010 (CC)  
Philippines   (CC)  
   English   105-14    
   For Collect Access in Filipino   105-15    
   Calls using PLDT in English   10-10-55-1200    
   Calls using PLDT collect in Filipino   10-10-55-1210    
Poland   00-800-111-21-22 (CC)  
Portugal   (CC)  
   Not accessible from mobile phones   800-800-123    
Puerto Rico   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
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R  Footnotes  
Romania   080-803-1800 (CC)  
Russia   (CC)  
   Call using Rostelcom (outside of Moscow dial 8 first then 495)   747-3322    
   Call using Sovintel from Moscow   9602222    
   Call using Sovintel from St. Petersburg   3468022    
   Call from Sakhalin Islands   1616-1    
   Note: When making calls in Russia outside of St. Petersburg using 747-332 or 747-3320, customers must first dial 812. Additional inter-city charges may apply for calls made outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg      
Rwanda   299 (CC)  
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S  Footnotes  
Saipan   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
San Marino   800-90-5825 (CC)  
Saudi Arabia   1-800-11 (CC)  
Senegal   810-3085  
Singapore   (CC)  
   Call using SingTel   8000-112-112    
   Call using StarHub   8000-010-002    
    (i) no resale, (ii) payphone access for respective carrier's access number (ie. SingTel HCD number accessible only from SingTel payphone, StarHub HCD number accessible only from StarHub payphone)      
Slovak Republic   08000-00112 (CC)  
South Africa   0800-99-0011 (CC)  
Spain   800-099-357 (CC)  
Sri Lanka    
   Call within Colombo   2440100    
   Call outside of Colombo   11-2440100    
St. Kitts/Nevis   1-800-888-8000  
St. Lucia   1-800-888-8000  
St. Pierre and Miquelon   0-800-99-0019 (CC)  
St. Vincent   1-800-888-8000  
Sweden   0-200-895-438 (CC)  
Switzerland   0800-89-0222 (CC)  
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T  Footnotes  
Taiwan   0080-113-4567 (CC)  
Thailand   1-800-0-001-20 (CC)  
   Call from public pay phone booth   1-800-0-001-21    
Tonga Islands   0-800-191  
Trinidad and Tobago   1-800-888-8000  
Turkey   0-8112880012 (CC)  
Turks and Caicos   1-800-888-8000  
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U  Footnotes  
Ukraine   00-013 (CC)  
   Service not available from pay phones or mobile phones      
United Arab Emirates   0-800-111  
United Kingdom   0800-279-5088 (CC)  
United States   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
Uruguay   000-412  
U.S. Virgin Islands   1-800-888-8000 (CC)  
Uzbekistan   8641-998 0001 (CC)  
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V  Footnotes  
Vatican City   800-90-5825 (CC)  
Venezuela   0-800-100-1131 (CC)  
   For Spanish-speaking operator   0-800-100-1130    
Vietnam   (CC)  
    Service available ONLY from city post offices. (i) no resale, (ii) payphone access allowed, (iii) mobile access restricted   1201-1022    
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Z  Footnotes  
Zimbabwe   00891 (CC)  
   From fixed line in Harare   717171    
   From a fixed line outside Harare area or mobile phone   04-717171